Friday, May 19, 2017


To eat the manna that is Christ is to receive all that He is. It is hard to be satisfied with Manna/Christ when our natural bodies and flesh nature has been overfed and allowed to exert itself with no restraint.

 This unrestrained nature is common to all so an intentional effort must be made to  curtail
natural inclinations 

Inclinations towards stubborn/stiff neckedness, ruthlessness, complaining, unsatisfaction, control, and anything else that does not look like the meek and lowly heart of Christ must be weeded out.

Externally, we can see our overfed bodies, weak minds, cluttered and/or overstuffed surroundings give testament to a disposition inclined towards indulgent, worldly excess.

Once we began to 'keep our body under and put it in subjection'' as was Pauls habit, we can begin
to delight in the Manna. It becomes our source and not the drawings of the flesh or this world. 

We have a greater chance at being an overcomer when we turn down the incessant volume and
neediness that our flesh and the world pour our way.

We "eat his flesh" by doing His will. Jesus said He lived by the Father and we are to live by Him. How did Jesus live by the Father? By doing the Father's commandments which were the Father's will. 

Jesus didn't literally eat the Father! It is symbolic language showing that He was ONE with the Father; whatever you eat becomes ONE with you. It is the same as abiding.

Many of us in the world have eaten at the altar of the world and altar of the flesh for so long that our spiritual senses are dulled beyond recognition. We partake of, eat, obey, and abide in the the dictates of the world and the flesh in how we navigate this life. It seems natural - and it is! But as called out ones we have a new Master to obey and we are now called to live above what is natural in this realm - super natural - no longer to live as mere men and women. This is how we can become overcomers. Help me Lord! Remove the veil from my eyes! Help me to allow your life to manifest through me as a faithful Bride that I may overcome my flesh and this world. 

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