Sunday, February 18, 2018

Quote from Wayne Jacobson podcast #621 'Community Happens'

"You're free enough and relaxed enough to say I don't have to guard my lips because someone's gonna get offended by what it is that I want to talk about, what I am discovering, where my heart hungers for something more. And I think it is a big part of this kind of be able to be around people who are not gonna be threatened by your journey and not gonna be threatened by the fact that you may not attend a regular wasn't an issue whether you go or don't go it's how are we exploring God's reality in our lives and how are we growing in that."

From starting at 15:44

Friday, December 15, 2017

The World is (Not) My Oyster

A playground with 2 swings and a bouncy horse

compared to


So is this world

compared to

the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Way of Life, 2

As I was sitting, I began to think about how heat can destroy bug infestations, someone could burn their home and be rid of the pests. I then began to think about how people with yards and farmers often burn their yards/fields to start fresh. 

Then the verses that reference how some things are purified by water and other things are purified by fire, came into my mind. It was all so quick and spontaneous. It reminded me of how Mark Virkler speaks about how the Spirit communicates with us through spontaneous thoughts. 

I have often wanted what I have believed others have had in THEIR communications with the Lord - dreams, visions, audible voices - overt, 'can't be denied' communications. The 'still small voice' never seemed to be present with me but I know it has been. I just haven't understood that I needed to acknowledge it. If nothing else, these few years worth of blog posts should confirm Daddy Yah's dealing with me. 

Back to my spontaneous thoughts.

I then began to think about how the bible says that things that can with stand the fire, need the fire to be purified but things not as durable need the water.

I thought, 'hmm, how does this relate to people spiritually?'' I thought about how we are washed by the water of the Word. I thought of how Jesus said, now you are clean through the word I have spoken unto you.

 I  talked with my children and told them what I had been thinking on. 

I pondered with them on what things in a person need the water and what things need the fire.

I came to the conclusion that things pertaining to our character need the fire.

I determined that the fire are our difficult trials, traumas and bad situations and that it takes 'heavy' cleansing to forge characters that will shine like gold and silver, sparkle like rubies and diamonds.

My oldest son said that water can clean smudges off of window and glass. 

The water applied daily through application of the Word is sufficient for daily cleansing, like Jesus telling Peter that whoever has been made clean - and this would appear to be the initial cleansing of sanctification that occurs when we are "in Christ" - only needs his 'feet washed'. 

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Way of Life

We want Yah to be a Father to us, so then we must allow Him to  function as that Father.

It is quite easy to to say that every good and perfect gift comes from above from  the Father of Lights in whom is no variableness or shadow of turning, but it is harder to accept that whom the Lord loves he chastens and scourges.

But I would believe that this is the more important function of Abba's 'fatherness' --  the rebuking, chastening, the scourging.

We are so wayward and reluctant in our following of the way of righteousness that discipline MUST be a continual and constant companion of those who would see God.

Wise: from an ancient word that means "to see".
Dom: a suffix that can mean "a condition of".
Wisdom - the condition of being able to see.

Wisdom tells us to hearken unto her for she will lead us in right paths. To be wise is to be able to 'see'. See what? See how to 
discern and judge between what is good and right  according to how the FATHER estimates what is good and right.

Once we are able to 'see' what is good and right, and of course,
follow what is good and right, we are on the path of righteousness.

We are not to walk according to our own reasoning or how things seem.

The standard, the plumbline, for determining what the Father sees as good and right is the Word. Immersing ourselves and allowing the Word to saturate our spirit and soul will help our 'seeing'. 

Being attentive on a daily basis of Wisdom's call, with ears pricked up as an alert son, waiting to hear the voice of the Father, will guide us in righteousness' path. 

As we abide in Christ, and our hearts are intertwined with His, as we become One, as we let the Word of God rule in our hearts, we are purged, cleaned, made undefiled. 

And it is those that are undefiled, purged, made clean, that will see God. Our obedience to following the path, taking heed to the Word of instruction, allowing the correction and scourging to have its perfect work, it is that that will make us an abode of the Godhead. They will manifest themselves to us and through us when the temple is clean.

But we must yield ourselves to the corrective hand of the Father.

Father, help me to not only yield to your correction but to desire your correction! I want to be conformed to the image of my elder brother! I want us to be so intertwined as one that I am always seeing through your eyes and hearing through your ears - manifest yourself to me! Clean me through your word.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We are the Light, Love, Righteousness of the World

Gods is Light. In Him is no darkness at all.
God is Love, there is nothing 'not love' in his acts or ways.
God is Righteous..His actions are never wrong or not good.


When God spoke the Creative Act, he first called forth Light (Love, Righteousness)

Darkness, hate and all that is 'not good'(unrighteous) came forth from the fall.

Whenever we don't walk in Love we are not walking in the Light.
Whenever we  aren't doing/being ''righteous" we are not walking in Love.
To walk 'in the Light' is to walk in Love and Righteousness

We are in Fellowship with the rest of the Body when walk in Light (Love, Righteousness)
Our wrath takes us out of the arena of Righteousness (Love, Light)

The commandments were given to show the Father's nature and character of
Light, Love and Righteousness. Stephen Jones says that the commandments are
promises - 'thou SHALL NOT steal' - meaning that the inclination to steal (or whatever
unrighteous act we may refer to) will not be in our nature any longer. We partake
of the Fathers' Divine Nature (2 Peter 1:4) through these promises (commandments)
of Righteousness, which are in essence, promises of Love and promises of Light.

Leaning on our old nature, the nature that we call 'the flesh' ,which is one of lust, 
keeps us in darkness, hate and unrighteousness. The flesh is an enemy towards the
things of God and is in rebellion to what is Love, Light and Righteousness ever since
the Fall.

More to come...

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Blessed Troubles

Troubles, problems, worries are the womb of our Destiny.

These difficulties that we  must overcome should be studied.

The role they are to play in our lives will most likely not be understood completely until we are on the other side of the difficulty but once we ARE on the other side, we should do more than to breathe a sigh of relief and consign them to a forgotten
'drawer' in our mind.

The Lord is and has orchestrated these events for us to overcome.

In being an 'overcomer' we can share in the Life of Christ and
see the setting free of the Captive and an emergence into
our life as those that follow the footsteps of Christ.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Spirit's life

In thinking unto the Lord the other night, I thought about how the Holy Spirit is given to us in His fullness but yet it is still only a 'down payment'. We do not have the manifestation of the Spirit in His fullness, like Christ did, because of being in these vessels of clay.

In my thinking, it was likened unto the city's water supply. The large water tower tank in a city holds all of the water, this is the Holy Spirit in His fullness. The individual houses receive all of the water that can flow WITHIN THE PIPES to any given house. Home water pipes are not 10 feet in diameter! They are usually less than a couple of inches in diameter because a private residential home isn't built to receive large amounts of water at anytime, yet the water that can flow is more than sufficient for one family's needs. This is the Spirit being given to each born again believer. However, WE play a part in the manifestation of the Spirit in our lives.

If we only turn on a spigot or faucet partially, then we only get a small flowing of water. All the water that a private residential home can receive IS AVAILABLE to that home but it's POTENTIAL is realized only according to the amount of opening that a person allows through the spigot.

Father, I don't want to hinder, grieve or in any way prevent the Spirit from having His free flowing ministry through my life. Show me how I am not opening my spigot entirely. Help me to open it so that the Spirit may flow freely.