Sunday, November 4, 2018

Resting in the Lord

On Mike Parson's Supernatural Mentoring, Thursday, August 9, 2018, he made a comment to a participant that really struck me:

"Rest is not dependent on activity or inactivity. It's an actual state of being. that enables you to be in a relationship with God that places you in a point where you know you are totally loved and accepted
without having to do anything for it.  And then everything can flow from that place.

1::11::44 mark

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When That Which is Perfect Is Come

I am wanting to connect with those who desire to live in a broader and shall I say 'richer' understanding of the Body of Christ. 

Varied in texture, multi faceted, with a depth and vibrancy that I haven't experienced in the institutional settings of expressions of the Body. 

From what I read, there seems to be many pockets of these communally based expressions, but I have yet to participate in one.

Although I would love to be a part of such a community, if I can find one,  my fear is that they are just mirages; look too closely and you discover that the refreshing, soul quenching community you thought you had
found is just another glorified expression of what we have already participated in for many, many years: One person in charge with everyone looking to that person for leadership, no freedom to exercise gifts, half hearted commitment and lack of trust for one another and whatever else makes up our current bogged down expressions.

 I think their elusiveness may be linked to the fact that we still have not grown up into the fullness of the stature of Christ yet. Still too much 'self' that erodes the 'ties that bind', making it easy to disconnect as soon as fellowship becomes inconvenient, messy or not heading in the direction we think it should. 

There is much rumbling online (as usual?) that the great Outpouring of the Spirit is very soon to happen.. We believers will be empowered from on high to do exploits as we march forward to bring in the last great harvest. 

Is this why we can't come together now? We need a greater filling? Will this be the 'perfection/maturity' that Paul talks about in 1 Cor. 13? Will our love for one another finally be a reality that is manifested so the world can see Him whom we love dwelling in our midst? One with one another and one with Christ, finally?

Here is an article by Neil Cole that talks about communities, he calls them 'outposts', that he says are
functioning beyond  just 'meetings':

Monday, July 2, 2018

Free from Sin

I declare that my heart's desire is to no longer pursue the lusts of the flesh, lusts of the eye or pride of life. I resist the evil one's attempts to draw me into the pursuit of those lusts. As the righteousness of God through Christ,, my hearts' desire is to manifest the character of my Father to walk as my Savior, Lord, Brother, Husband Yeshua walks in Love/Righteousness as a vessel of honor in my Father's house.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Thought on Wisdom and Agreement

Excerpt from my June 18,18 journal entry:

I was thinking of an example I could share with the kids on wisdom and understanding and this scenario came to mind:

When a person is cooking you should turn the fire on the burner down some if the pot doesn't have a cover and if you are cooking with a high flame, otherwise the high heat is 'exciting' the items cooking and the water/grease could be popped from the pan like the boiling water I had cooking on high heat the other day made the hot water pop onto my arm and I have 3 small round burn marks where the water hit me. So, the 'wisdom' - the manner of seeing and proceeding when cooking on the burner with a high flame-  is to turn the flame 'down' as you get close. A person could leave it at that and be ok, but with the UNDERSTANDING you now know WHY you proceed that way and can be in AGREEMENT/UNITY with the person/action/situation on what needs to be done. How can two walk together unless they be agreed the scriptures ask us. We can begin to move from just a servant mentality of obedience, to the friend category where we are on the same page with the Lord and saying YES and AMEN to the Word. This wisdom/understanding combination helps in maturing (perfects) us. 

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Quote from Wayne Jacobson podcast #621 'Community Happens'

"You're free enough and relaxed enough to say I don't have to guard my lips because someone's gonna get offended by what it is that I want to talk about, what I am discovering, where my heart hungers for something more. And I think it is a big part of this kind of be able to be around people who are not gonna be threatened by your journey and not gonna be threatened by the fact that you may not attend a regular wasn't an issue whether you go or don't go it's how are we exploring God's reality in our lives and how are we growing in that."

From starting at 15:44

Friday, December 15, 2017

The World is (Not) My Oyster

A playground with 2 swings and a bouncy horse

compared to


So is this world

compared to

the Kingdom of God.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Way of Life, 2

As I was sitting, I began to think about how heat can destroy bug infestations, someone could burn their home and be rid of the pests. I then began to think about how people with yards and farmers often burn their yards/fields to start fresh. 

Then the verses that reference how some things are purified by water and other things are purified by fire, came into my mind. It was all so quick and spontaneous. It reminded me of how Mark Virkler speaks about how the Spirit communicates with us through spontaneous thoughts. 

I have often wanted what I have believed others have had in THEIR communications with the Lord - dreams, visions, audible voices - overt, 'can't be denied' communications. The 'still small voice' never seemed to be present with me but I know it has been. I just haven't understood that I needed to acknowledge it. If nothing else, these few years worth of blog posts should confirm Daddy Yah's dealing with me. 

Back to my spontaneous thoughts.

I then began to think about how the bible says that things that can with stand the fire, need the fire to be purified but things not as durable need the water.

I thought, 'hmm, how does this relate to people spiritually?'' I thought about how we are washed by the water of the Word. I thought of how Jesus said, now you are clean through the word I have spoken unto you.

 I  talked with my children and told them what I had been thinking on. 

I pondered with them on what things in a person need the water and what things need the fire.

I came to the conclusion that things pertaining to our character need the fire.

I determined that the fire are our difficult trials, traumas and bad situations and that it takes 'heavy' cleansing to forge characters that will shine like gold and silver, sparkle like rubies and diamonds.

My oldest son said that water can clean smudges off of window and glass. 

The water applied daily through application of the Word is sufficient for daily cleansing, like Jesus telling Peter that whoever has been made clean - and this would appear to be the initial cleansing of sanctification that occurs when we are "in Christ" - only needs his 'feet washed'.