Friday, August 4, 2017

Death to anything not of the Lord

I have been thinking about 'giants' in the land of my flesh. I have read and heard ministers talk about how the spiritual application of entering the Promised Land, or Land of Promises and Art Nelson phrases it, is about doing away with the giants as represented by the things of the flesh - wrath, lust, fear, etc. 

In thinking unto the Lord about this, I could see that not only are we to destroy the 'giant' but the giants' provision - his dwelling, altars and even animals. in like manner we are to make no 'provision' for the flesh to fulfill its lusts. Anything that feeds, supports, cares for, nurtures our wrath, fear, lust, etc. must be destroyed.

Also, we must even kill the 'children' - the fruit of  wrath, the fruit of fear, the fruit of lust, etc. Wrath, fear and lust all  produces (bears children) of unrighteous acts and is not a manifestation of love.

Help me to mortify my members and put on Christ.

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