Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Way of Life, 2

As I was sitting, I began to think about how heat can destroy bug infestations, someone could burn their home and be rid of the pests. I then began to think about how people with yards and farmers often burn their yards/fields to start fresh. 

Then the verses that reference how some things are purified by water and other things are purified by fire, came into my mind. It was all so quick and spontaneous. It reminded me of how Mark Virkler speaks about how the Spirit communicates with us through spontaneous thoughts. 

I have often wanted what I have believed others have had in THEIR communications with the Lord - dreams, visions, audible voices - overt, 'can't be denied' communications. The 'still small voice' never seemed to be present with me but I know it has been. I just haven't understood that I needed to acknowledge it. If nothing else, these few years worth of blog posts should confirm Daddy Yah's dealing with me. 

Back to my spontaneous thoughts.

I then began to think about how the bible says that things that can with stand the fire, need the fire to be purified but things not as durable need the water.

I thought, 'hmm, how does this relate to people spiritually?'' I thought about how we are washed by the water of the Word. I thought of how Jesus said, now you are clean through the word I have spoken unto you.

 I  talked with my children and told them what I had been thinking on. 

I pondered with them on what things in a person need the water and what things need the fire.

I came to the conclusion that things pertaining to our character need the fire.

I determined that the fire are our difficult trials, traumas and bad situations and that it takes 'heavy' cleansing to forge characters that will shine like gold and silver, sparkle like rubies and diamonds.

My oldest son said that water can clean smudges off of window and glass. 

The water applied daily through application of the Word is sufficient for daily cleansing, like Jesus telling Peter that whoever has been made clean - and this would appear to be the initial cleansing of sanctification that occurs when we are "in Christ" - only needs his 'feet washed'. 

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